Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today I declare that my life greatly improved all thanks to newly acquired material possessions. I SAID IT.

I'll also take this moment to bask in the glory of the possessions I already own. And I mostly mean my clothes. Because I am entirely shallow. And other things like air conditioning.

Work is done for the week and that is also a very good thing. We just came from watching our dog walker (et al) perform improv. Some of it definitely "blew my mind". And that, by the way, is supposedly a very Nadia phrase. Which I am not entirely proud of.

Other than that, Gordy and I have many terrific plans in store for I-D 08 but it's likely going to rain all weekend as it's been known to do THIS ENTIRE SUMMER. We will all grow amphibious in the wake of global warming.

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