Thursday, November 13, 2008

by the way

okay bye!

hello and goodbye

how do i begin?

we leave for morocco tonight. i am mentally in outer space all the while. i have a cold and puppies (!) on the brain. i still have details to sort so far as our desert adventure would be concerned and many stones left unturned work wise.

in the meantime, moving backwards...

10. painful, grueling, challenging fashion magazine finally ends. free time commences.
09. father returns to canada.
08. father arrives. mad men viewed in its entirety. many delicious meals consumed.
07. return to weekday work. consumed totally.
06. return to work on a saturday afternoon. very surreal yet comforting.
05. halloween skipped. begin mad men.
04. devastation continues. venture outside for the first time. coping on/off.
03. devastation.
02. devastation.
01. our anniversary. gordy is very ill.

hoping to post from abroad. if not, photographically upon our return (not that i usually manage that either).