Thursday, June 12, 2008

the lone wolf

I have to admit, after a few days I've sort of embraced the so called "single life". There is a certain peacefulness to the whole thing... quiet when I want quiet, bad music when I want bad music, freedom to keep my own schedule, to sleep when I want, eat when I want, make a mess and not clean it up, or start to clean it up at all hours of the night or... in the case of this particular evening, to try on my wedding dress again!!! Whee!

The first realization is that there is a gigantic stain right on the front of it. What would cause such a thing? It's basically rust colored. But primarily on the inner layer of netting which strikes me as being a little mysterious. I am wondering if this is something that just happens to things never cleaned and improperly stored or if it's remnants from the drunken romp that was my wedding night in Mexico.

And the second realization is that I LOOK AWESOME. And if you know me, you know this is a mind boggling statement from yours truly. I have bitched about this dress not fitting me on the day of my wedding for over a year. And I will admit to you right now that up until I arrived in MX, I was eating more carefully, doing the this and the that. And that once I arrived, I ate chips, tacos, guac, queso, beer, margarita, waffle, yadda yadda. On my wedding day in particular I consumed all manner of liquor and saltiness from the moment I awoke... nary a glass of water or sign of physical exertion to speak of. And I paid the price, my friends. Paid it in photos, paid it in regrets, paid it in tears! Oh poor me. Whatever.

Anyway it makes me realize that I ought to romanticize things a little bit more in my memories. Because I am maybe just being negative for no reason other than the finality of it all. But weddings are such a mindfuck. Let's face it.

Meanwhile, a good friend is getting married in August. That's partially why the ol' dress and all its mental and emotional implications have come out of the closet. But I am looking forward to this wedding. Just last night I finally found shoes to wear with my bright yellow bridesmaid dress. And blah blah blah.... Weddings!

In other news, work almost killed me today. And then ended on an unexpected upswing circa 10pm. Two shoots tomorrow, tons of work to catch up on, still not sewing at all.....


Monday, June 2, 2008


Oh, Weezer.

I would first like to note that this is one of the worst photos of all time. My cup runneth over. Such that I can't even be bothered to list my endless reasoning. I would also like to note that Rivers now sort of looks like my uncle.

Weezer's new album - "THE RED ALBUM" (barf) - is out tomorrow and I barely care. But I will probably still buy it. Because I have to. Because I spent the entirety of my formative years O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this band and it's possible that they, along with the wonders of the internet (HOLLAH IRC!), are the reason that I am where I am today. And you don't know how serious I am about that. SAD BUT TRUE.

In other news, I am sober and alone. The no drinking thing is a breeze and I have contemplated keeping it up for the rest of my life. As far as being alone goes, I am nearly devastated. Errr! It's really only for two weeks. But that's sort of a long time for the fully domesticated spouse that I just the day before yesterday realized I have become! Pathetic, pitiful, these are the words. And little Gordy kept me on pins and needles all night barking at every little sound. Maybe he's stepping in as the man of the house?

What would be nice is if I were productive. And if I went grocery shopping. And if I wasn't such a tool.