Monday, December 1, 2008

recession special

here's what i would like to do: start tallying my day's activities again. 

we are back from morocco. it was an adventure in a true sense. there are literally thousands of photos waiting to be both downloaded and developed. it's the in between time where i lose motivation. it was a terrific getaway. very action packed while still relaxing. after a week being back i am feeling very sentimental. 

and in other news, we are going public: we are expecting a little friend named petey to enter our lives in a few short weeks. i am excited and petrified. and what i need to note here is that petey's current caregiver most definitely sent me a photo of his sister... accidentally? so i have very little to share. 

i miss gordy though. every day.

my mom was here. i'll spare the details.

and meanwhile there is a sale at every store you can think of. but it does not seem fun to buy.