Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial days

Florida, as seen from my mother's door, as seen through the sophisticated lense of my iphone.

It almost killed me. What with its hot-as-balls heat, its shellfish, its wine, its rednecks. So begins a three week hiatus from all things wine and beer, so help me jesus.

It was a swell time, all things considered. It's always nice to hit reset once in awhile and and make yourself get used to how the rest of the country/world interacts. And in this case I guess I mean neon colors, intense customer service, crotchedy retirees, bad jokes. But seriously, it was pleasant - LOOK AT MY VIEW! The water sparkled on the ceilings for me every morning.

And in the end I (hopefully) replaced my sewing machine's mysteriously MIA power cord, scored some sandals, a dress, a romper. The latter of which I wore when I almost gave myself alchohal poisoning on Sunday so it's a little tarnished in my eyes, but nevertheless...

And now I am back. After waking up at 5something am, sleeping on the plane, and crawling to work. I feel only slightly less like barfing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


The news is this: I have gotten the camera. AND IT IS GLORIOUS. Thank you W.
Unless W never arrives, in which case I owe my beloved $1,000,000 (roughly).

A friend has given me the contact infos for fixing the Husqvarna but I have not yet sealed the deal.
Luxurious sample yardage has been chosen and fingers have been crossed in hopes of it arriving before next year.. err.
It will not be HELGE (!!). It could be JEUNE. Huh?

We made it out to the photo festival (NYPH) which did not disappoint. If you haven't gone yet, it's too late.

I have also (shallowly) decided that I definitely miss having long hair.

The end.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is the new item in question. I can't help it. I really regretted not having a better camera in Iceland (or was it that I regretted being too lazy, too in the moment to carry around my SLR?). And then sometimes I still have fantasies where I am creative and taking interesting photos all the while. Like the huz, sort of. But more as a project.

But also I need to pay some major debts and also get the old Husqvarna Viking serviced. And and and. There is also the disapproving glare I will get if I just charge it and don't earn it or sell something or... something.

But what about W's rebate? Maybe?

I can't stop thinking about ittttttttttttttt. The internet is not helping me on this day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

the week at large

I say it all the time but wouldn't it be nice if I actually started sewing again? Put my university skills to use? Most of the time it's not even a consideration as I genuinely have a truthful awareness of what goes into "simple garments". It's tempting though. I need to be doing SOMETHING... to say the least. Poor Helge. I didn't even bother to apply to Renegade this year.

In other news, another slow week. It would be more joyful if the weather was a bit nicer. The rain kept me in a coma for the majority of it ... and actually, it's only Thursday. Today I am still in an indian food toxic hangover. I really need to realize it might do me well not to eat garbage even if it's free, even if it's there.

Over the course of last week I was boozing it up (oh you know it!) with pink wine at least two nights. The final night being Friday in which the details became verrrrry foggy towards the end. I do remember waking up in a state of frustration multiple times because I was inexpliably sleeping flat on my stomach (once on the couch, fully clothed including my coat) and then a mysterious dream where I became positive I had lost either my phone or my wallet. Which became a sort of subconscious awareness of the latter because as of now my wallet still remains M.I.A. I then vowed never to drink again.

And I went to the dentist and got slapped on the wrist for this and that. And then they gave me blue glasses and offered me a list of movies to watch whilst they cleaned me up. What is it about the dentist that compells me to lie? That and yoga. I will never admit my lack of daily floss or lack of experience.

Otherwise I am a total bum.