Wednesday, July 2, 2008

< 3 'traz.

I have been feeling a little bit sad that I have been so quiet on here. The realities of my situation are that I was all these things: busy, uninspired, without photos, too much to say, too little to say, and a broken Safari. And Safari is the only thing that will do!

Since my last communications, the huz has returned. He is now very professional. But last week we unexpectedly flew to Michigan to attend funeral services of what is now my grandfather in law. If nothing else, I think my fear of death related gatherings has subsided a little bit. Mainly because 8 hours of solid chit chat around a dead body (god rest his soul!) will do that to a person. It was a romantic funeral, as strange as it sounds because he was 90something years old with a wife who still loved him and cried that he was gone. After 70 years of marriage. Beautiful!

Additionally, there have been many more hot days, the renegade craft fair, the rain, the dog bowl, the anniversaries (seven years together and one year legal marriage), a birthday for my beloved, many blockbuster films, newly purchased air conditioning and... so on.

This weekend: the Fourth of July and all the compromises that always come with that.

Creativity at an absolute standstill. I blame the heat. And the fact I am still without fabric. A wife who weeps.

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