Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial days

Florida, as seen from my mother's door, as seen through the sophisticated lense of my iphone.

It almost killed me. What with its hot-as-balls heat, its shellfish, its wine, its rednecks. So begins a three week hiatus from all things wine and beer, so help me jesus.

It was a swell time, all things considered. It's always nice to hit reset once in awhile and and make yourself get used to how the rest of the country/world interacts. And in this case I guess I mean neon colors, intense customer service, crotchedy retirees, bad jokes. But seriously, it was pleasant - LOOK AT MY VIEW! The water sparkled on the ceilings for me every morning.

And in the end I (hopefully) replaced my sewing machine's mysteriously MIA power cord, scored some sandals, a dress, a romper. The latter of which I wore when I almost gave myself alchohal poisoning on Sunday so it's a little tarnished in my eyes, but nevertheless...

And now I am back. After waking up at 5something am, sleeping on the plane, and crawling to work. I feel only slightly less like barfing.

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