Thursday, May 1, 2008

the week at large

I say it all the time but wouldn't it be nice if I actually started sewing again? Put my university skills to use? Most of the time it's not even a consideration as I genuinely have a truthful awareness of what goes into "simple garments". It's tempting though. I need to be doing SOMETHING... to say the least. Poor Helge. I didn't even bother to apply to Renegade this year.

In other news, another slow week. It would be more joyful if the weather was a bit nicer. The rain kept me in a coma for the majority of it ... and actually, it's only Thursday. Today I am still in an indian food toxic hangover. I really need to realize it might do me well not to eat garbage even if it's free, even if it's there.

Over the course of last week I was boozing it up (oh you know it!) with pink wine at least two nights. The final night being Friday in which the details became verrrrry foggy towards the end. I do remember waking up in a state of frustration multiple times because I was inexpliably sleeping flat on my stomach (once on the couch, fully clothed including my coat) and then a mysterious dream where I became positive I had lost either my phone or my wallet. Which became a sort of subconscious awareness of the latter because as of now my wallet still remains M.I.A. I then vowed never to drink again.

And I went to the dentist and got slapped on the wrist for this and that. And then they gave me blue glasses and offered me a list of movies to watch whilst they cleaned me up. What is it about the dentist that compells me to lie? That and yoga. I will never admit my lack of daily floss or lack of experience.

Otherwise I am a total bum.

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