Thursday, September 10, 2009

jay zzzzzz bedtime story

my friend ASL is town and she texted me earlier like, do you want to go to jay z tonight? and i'm all, yeah! 
at some point i completely  buried my enthusiasm for the (FREE) event to come and i couldn't tell you why. maybe because i didn't want to get too psyched in case it didn't pan out. but it panned out, alright.  super small venue, etc. and come time, i decided i was the biggest jay z fan ever! but in the way that everyone  there probably decided they were  the biggest jay z fan ever! because who is more huge than jay z? like... universally so?
there was a new game being demo'd in lieu of their sponsorship for the evening. dj hero or something it's called? they had guitar hero guys doing their moves on stage and after that a serious dj set commenced whilst they prepped the stage. and then the beat changed and, for real, journey dont stop believin was being sampled over top of lady gaga pokerface and my brain almost expoded.
but then the lights went down and then there was jay z and every single hand was up either to take an iphone photo or to rock the diamond hand formation (see above).  which, by the way, fall out boy also uses? or their fans do? and once upon a time i saw fall out boy and jay z opened the show and then he  and beyonce were in the vip section nearby where i was sitting  for free. but note, at the free grizzly bear concert in williamsburg two weekends ago  he and beyonce chilled right in the audience. just sayin!
at one point jay z got super psyched and announced he was going to forgo the 45 minutes he was asked to perform and make it an hour and fifteen. oh no he didn't!  so he took a minute while saying he was going to take a minute and picked out some new jams. and then started up again. and by the way, he's from brooklyn and he loves it and loves people from brooklyn. hey, so do i.  
at one point the fire alarm went off and shut down the whole show. jay z put a towel on his head and chilled a bit and made sure the crowd kept it cool. and the crowd kept it cool because he said so. and when he came back on and it was all almost over and he was thanking everyone he slammed everyone in the upper v.i.p seats saying they were bourg-y and that he's allowed to be bourg-y but even he's not that bourg-y.
 (how the hell am i supposed to spell bourgy? bourgie?  bougey? bourgey? boojy? .... )

but seriously, who is universally more huge than jay z who is alive and awesome? and that show had nothing but good vibes. and some guy told me i was rich and hot. which i mention only so i can remember it forever.
the end. 


(UPDATE: This is a link to the Vulture post regarding the above. And here is a quote from the comments, just for fun: "I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT DIS THIS BUT I THINK JAY IS THAT NIGGA{SWITCH EVERYONE THINKS}LOL BUT I LIKE HIS MUSIC && HIS STYL3 IT'S BEYOND DIFFENT")

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