Sunday, April 20, 2008

simultaneous return

We are back from Iceland since Friday. Since then have been trying to be a bit more mentally productive. Still uncertain as to whether or not Helge will ever come back to life but am trying to be optimistic that, at the very least, I will think of things to do outside of work, work, work.

Very inspired by the music of the Icelanders... both to listen to (and not watch television and therefore to read or think) and to spend money on CDs and tickets (and not just on them).

Tomorrow is back to the miserable gray cubicle - which I am lucky to have? - and I am really realizing that most of what I'll dread about being back there centers on the fact that everyone is unhappy and I'm not particularly inspired to challenge myself... a.k.a. to fail. Which is a very negative outlook, I realize.

Still fantasizing about moving far away.

And by the way, HELLO!

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