Tuesday, June 26, 2007

thoughts on collections

Without stating the obvious, having wholesale inquiries really forces a person to step out of their creative isolation and actually work out boring technicalities. Which is hard sometimes in the world of HELGE because a lot of it is limited edition or moments in time which I don't want to overly think out.

Regardless, I am refining the "Premiere Collection" (which is actually something like the third or fourth, whatever) and making its theme be something along the lines of CREATION. The second collection will be more along the lines of MODERN PRACTICALITIES and/or MYSTERIES THEREOF and I guess that will be something like a FALL release? But it seems like CREATION's along the same timeline so maybe it's a big, fat lie and I really want to bury the preggers test forever.

In lieu of all this, it seems like certain pillows/ideas are being put on pause. And I guess that means at least one pillow debuted at Renegade and still in my posession will have been exclusive to that weekend and remain in the vault until it's time.


old age/helge origins

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